Dj Ken-Guru (Jari Tolkkinen) has been playing records actively now from the year 1997 and he has been touring all across Finland playing numerous parties and club nights. He is well recognized name in the Finnish house/techno scene. He has also played in Russia and in Netherlands.

Dj Ken-Guru's versatility, and his ability to change are not the only reasons he has established his name in Finland. His passion for the music shines through his sets every time he plays. Tunes ranging from quality detroit techno to deep electro and to banging techhouse never leaves anybody cold on the dance floor.

From the first gig that he played his main motivation has been love for good music and desire to share quality electronic music with the party goers. He likes to think that dj'ing is about educating people about new music. He also tries to keep an open mind for new influences since it helps him renew and develope his sound.

Ken-Guru's last words to the people who are coming to hear him play? "Don't hesitate to show your feelings and have fun!"