About me - My name is dj ken-guru and I play electronic dance music. My real name is Jari Tolkkinen. I've been playing records since 1997 and the motivation is still strong. From the first gig that I played my main motivation has been love for good music and desire to share quality electronic music with the party goers. In a way I like to think my dj'ing as educating people about new music. I also try to keep an open mind for new influences since it helps me renew and develop my sound.

Styles that I like to play range from deep house to driving detroit techno, from slamming electro to tech house and everything between. Check out my mixes section on the left to get clearer picture of the styles I spin.


New mix!
Back in business! Check out my new mix "Remotel" from the mixes section. Deep and driving techno/techhouse.